Project proposal submission deadline is 2021-11-07 11:59pm.

The group project is a major goal of this class (50% of the final grade). In order to make sure that your project is on the right track, you must submit a project proposal for reviewing.

The project proposal is a RMarkdown document (3 pages max) submitted on dedicated GitHub repository and must comprise the following sections:

  1. Goals and impacts: describe briefly the rationale of your project, you overall objectives and potential impacts.
  2. Plan: detail your approach and your specific objectives:
  • Explain the methods (R packages, …) to be used and the methods to be developped. Give potential
  • Explain existing sources of inspirations (other classes, stackoverflow, R-blogger, blogs, …) and the potential overlaps with your project.
  • Explain your data collection strategy, the risks as well as possible alternative strategies.
  1. Timeline and milestones: describe the timeline of your project and indicate key intermediary goals in a Gantt chart (see this package for example).
  2. Management plan: explain how you plan to collaborate (weekly meeting on Zoom, …) and indicate responsabilities (each member of the team should be at least responsible for one part of the project).