Programming tools in data science

Welcome to the website dedicated to Programming Tools in Data Science, a course offered at HEC Lausanne during the autumn semester of 2023-2024. The primary aim of this course is to provide an introduction to the R programming language for aspiring data scientists. The core focus of this course revolves around concepts related to data manipulation, data analysis, data visualization, reproducible research, version control, and sharing of results.

By the conclusion of this course, students will possess the ability to independently create their own R packages and Shiny apps. They will also gain proficiency in making their work accessible on GitHub, documenting their projects using literate programming techniques, and showcasing their efforts by creating a dedicated website.

Due to problems with trains, the class of today (9th of November) is on Zoom. See teaching channel on Slack for more information.

The class starts on Thursday the 28th of September. The first week (19-22 September) is dedicated to the Thesis Writing Workshop and Career Planning Workshop.