There are 60 points in total for this class. The final grade are given as follows:

Grade Points
6.0 57-60
5.5 52-56
5.0 47-51
4.5 42-46
4.0 37-41
3.5 32-36
3.0 27-31
2.5 22-26
2.0 17-21
1.5 12-16
1.0 0-11

Learning outcomes will be assessed based on the performances within each of the following categories:

Type Points
Semester project 30
Homeworks 30

There won’t be a final examination for this course. Instead, your progress towards achieving the learning outcomes will be continuously evaluated throughout the semester via homework assignments, the project, and your active participation.

Semester project

The final project offers a chance to integrate the knowledge acquired throughout the course and apply it to a real-world scenario. All projects are collaborative efforts conducted in groups. Specific details regarding the semester project will be discussed during class sessions, and students will be able to choose from various project formats (please refer to the project page for more information).

The grading for this project, worth 30 points, is based on the following criteria:

  • Overall quality
  • Interest and complexity of the subject
  • Presentation
  • Screencast
  • Shiny app
  • Provided documentation
  • R package
  • GitHub repository
  • Website

These aspects collectively determine the assessment of your project.

It’s crucial not to underestimate the workload associated with the project. Successful completion of this class necessitates effective planning and team management skills from the students.


Throughout the semester, there are four homework assignments, each drawing from the course content. Each of these assignments is valued at 7.5 points. Detailed information about the specific requirements for these homework assignments can be found on the homeworks page.

Late submission is penalized by 1 point every 24 hours after the deadline.