homework #1

Deadline: 2021-10-10 11:59pm
To submit your work, simply push it to the dedicated repository created for your group.
We will grade only the latest files prior to the deadline. Any ulterior modifications are pointless.

The objectives of this homework assignment are the followings:

  • Build your own RMarkdown document.
  • Master different aspects of RMarkdown syntax.
  • Become familiar with GitHub as a collaborative tool.

This homework must be accomplished using GitHub and respect the following requirements:

  • All members of the group must commit at least once.
  • All commit messages must be reasonably clear and meaningful.
  • Your GitHub repository must include at least one issue containing some form of TO DO list.

In your repository, create a RMarkdown file called hw1.Rmd providing an HTML output with the theme cerulean and syntax highlighting tango. This file should contain the following elements:

  • A “title” section which should at least include:
    • A title (e.g. Homework 1)
    • The authors
    • The date (think of using Sys.time())
  • A section called “Introduction” where you provide a short summary of the structure of your homework. Moreover, record a short video to introduce your group and include it in your RMarkdown document.
  • A section called “Group Members”. This section should have one sub-section for each group member in your team. For example, a group with three members should have three sub-sections. Each of these sub-sections (named after each group member) should include small biographies containing at least the following elements:
    • A picture of your choice. Make sure to include a caption for this image.
    • A paragraph describing your favorite hobby as well as one interesting fact about yourself (preferably true).
    • Your favorite quote in blockquote format. Make sure to reference your quote using BibTex.
    • A table having two columns (first column containing the classes you are following this semester; second column containing the time of these classes).
  • A section called “RMarkdown Syntax”, where you will demonstrate your RMarkdown skills! In this section make sure to:
    • Show an example where the chunk option cache = T leads to a misleading answer. This example must be different from the one presented in the textbook.
    • Simulate 300 random samples from a distribution that is uniform on [-1, 1] interval using the function runif(). Store these 300 values in a vector called x. Then, compute the empirical median, mean and variance of x. Are these results different from 0, 0 and 1/3 (their respective theoretical values)? Is this result surprising? Justify your answer.
    • Include a graph showing the density estimation of x (make sure to include a caption to this figure). You can use the R function d <- denstiy() with default parameters, and the plot(d) function. Why does the estimated density exceed the [-1, 1] interval?
    • Include the following equation: eq
    • Include the following in-line equation:
    • Include the following text in green: “The degree of civilization in a society can be judged by entering its prisons.”, Fyodor Dostoevsky
    • Include a “More info” button with hide/unhide functionality.
    • Include a “color box”" with some text.